Green Economy Reader - Lectures in Ecological Economics and Sustainability

von: Stanislav Shmelev

Springer-Verlag, 2016

ISBN: 9783319389196 , 463 Seiten

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Green Economy Reader - Lectures in Ecological Economics and Sustainability


State of the art in sustainability thinking, inspired by interdisciplinary ideas of ecological economics. This book is focusing on sustainability pathways, new economic theory, democracy and institutions, multidimensional assessment of sustainability, macroeconomic modelling and policies, climate change and renewable energy, resource flows and circular economy, regenerative cities, environmental conflicts and values. It will be helpful for MSc and PhD students in Economics, Management, Environmental Change, Ecological Economics, Development Economics, Sustainability and practitioners in business, international and nongovernmental organizations. Rich, diverse and thought provoking collection of top level contributions, it will help to facilitate the transition towards sustainability and educational reform. 
A fabulous composition of papers by the authors who really count! Ernst von Weizs├Ącker, The Club of Rome 
The authors present a refreshing perspective on the possibilities of human progress in harmony with nature, without the need for economic growth to secure long term human welfare and wise use of nature's services. Extremely relevant. Peter May, Past President, International Society for Ecological Economics and Professor, UFRRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
The book goes well beyond the Green Economy, offering arguments and blueprints for a complete makeover of the current economic system. With multi- and interdisciplinary contributions ranging from moderately to fundamentally critical of current economics, it raises fundamental questions of value and power, draws on a wide range of theories, opens the eyes for the historical processes that brought about the current crises and demonstrates the value of ecological, but also classical economic thinking to their solution. If better politics require better theories, this is a must read for academics and decision makers in the time of climate crisis. Joachim Spangenberg, Sustainable Europe Research Institute, SERI Germany e.V.

In 2008-9 Dr Shmelev was a Senior Researcher at the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford. His previous appointments included Visiting Professorships at the University of Geneva (Switzerland), University Paris Dauphine (France), University of Versailles Saint Quentin-en-Yvelines (France), Kazakh National University (Kazakhstan) and National University of Colombia (Colombia). In 2004-2007 he was a Visiting Research Fellow at the Open University (UK). Dr Shmelev has given invited lectures and seminars in Austria, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Hong Kong, India, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, UK and the USA. Dr Shmelev has collaborated with such international organisations as UNEP, IUCN, UNDP, OECD and numerous universities. In 2013 the Handelsblatt Newspaper featured Dr Stanislav Shmelev as one of top four most promising new economists in the world. He is now Director at Environment Europe Ltd, a think-tank based in Oxford.